Flostate helps people who have fallen off the "fitness wagon", get back on & get consistent with the help of our virtual fitness programs - so they can finally get the results they want and build the confidence they deserve. 


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Flostate makes fitness easy with hundreds of do-anywhere online workouts. We help people drop the excuses and finally get consistent with their workouts!


Our workouts are designed to make exercise accessible for all fitness levels, and give you a balanced and well-rounded experience. Our goal is to share a fun sweat and help you gain the confidence you need to reach your goals and be your best both inside and out!

- Rachel + Alice


We have four class categories you can livestream or view on-demand designed to give you an effective, and balanced workout schedule. Choose from classes in the Classic, Restore, Strength and Focused Xtra’s categories.


Just the basics.


Relax and feel great.


Weight training classes.


Effective and efficient bonuses!


Join us virtually for our LIVE classes on Zoom! This is a great way to meet other members of our community and sweat together.



We understand that our live times might not always fit your schedule. You can access any of our classes on-demand. We are always adding bonus classes, so if there's something you want to see - let us know!




With Little to no equipment get in a workout that will lean, tighten and tone in all the right places.


Low Impact, slow movements designed to lengthen and tone specific areas! Light to medium weights and ankle weights if possible!


Feeling ready for a boost of energy? These workouts will get you moving and grooving through dance, cardio and aerobic movement. Anyone up for a dance party in your living room?


Learn to sculpt and shape your body using sets and reps with equipment you can acquire at home.


Yoga Energize and Sweat (45 mins)

Grab your 3-8 pound weights and break a sweat while challenging yourself with a dynamic combination of strength training and yoga “flo”. The perfect pair for increasing strength, energy, and flexibility.

Barre Fusion (45 mins)

Use the back of your chair, couch or your countertop as your barre. Feel the burn as you tone and sculpt for long lean muscles. Focus the first half of class at the barre, and move into strength and mat exercises. Recommended equipment - 3-5 lbs weights, yoga mat and chair.

Cardio Bodyweight Essentials (30 mins)

Join Rachel Larson to burn some calories and gain some energy with this fast paced, full-body workout. Expect a good “burn” in your arms, abs and legs while you build muscular endurance. The only equipment you need is yourself and a soft surface or exercise/yoga mat.

Balanced Barre Flo (45 mins)

Use the back of your chair, couch or your countertop as your barre. Improve your balance and posture by focusing on classic “ballet” movements. A low-impact full-body workout designed to elongate and tone. No weights necessary, class is done standing.

Standing Stretch Flo (30 mins)

Join Rachel for a full body “off the floor” stretch. Do you prefer not to be getting up and down off the floor but want to move and stretch? This class is for you. Open and expand your joints and muscles in this unique standing stretching series. We will use a chair, mat, one dumbbell and stretch strap as props to achieve improved head to toe flexibility. This is a very approachable class appropriate for all ability levels. Many of these stretches can be learned and applied to activities during the day for an extra health boost!

Yoga Restore Flo (45 mins)

Classic yoga and myofascial stretching class. Created by Rachel over ten years ago, the signature warm up and gentle ‘flo’ sun salutations are perfect for anyone - including those that have never tried yoga before. This paired with a warrior series and signature stretches provide an effective full body workout with a restorative focus on neck, back and knee health.

Intensive Stretch (60 mins)

Get your stretch on! Class starts with a yoga ‘flo’ warm up followed by a series of focused and intensive stretches on the mat designed to release and restore your muscles and joints. Perfect for comprehensive weekly muscle and joint restoration. Props may be incorporated such as yoga blocks, mat, small dumbbell and/or stretch strap. Dress appropriately to keep the body warm and comfortable.

Foam Roll Release and Lengthen (45 mins)

Join Rachel for the ultimate body restoration class. Using her knowledge in corrective exercise, Rachel has created a series to address some of the most common tight and constricted areas of the body. This class will provide a unique pairing of foam rolling for myofascial release with stretches to unlock and unwind tight areas. You will need a foam roller for this class. Perfect for the avid exerciser that wants to stay in optimal health and not be slowed down my injury. This is Movement that Matters!

Dumbbell Essentials (45 mins)

Shape, tone and strengthen with full body dumbbell workout. Lifting weights and building muscle is your ticket to a faster metabolism. This provides you with more readily available energy and an easier time maintaining weight and/or losing fat. Flostate recommends strength training 2-3 times per week.

Flostate Testimonals

“Rachel, working with you has been delightful and I am so excited to continue our classes. You bring such joy to this world! 
Thank you for inspiring us to try new things. I embrace these
challenges knowing that I am getting expert guidance.”

“My balance is much better, and I am aware of its importance as I age. 
I remember you saying more than once, ‘I almost fell’,
and you said, ‘yes, but you didn’t."  

 "I am able to do a lot of things that many people my age are not able to do. 
It makes me feel good knowing that I am doing what I can to be strong
and healthy. My goal is to live many years to enjoy my children
and grandchildren. All you have taught me helps me to do all
I can to reach my goal.”

"I definitely feel stronger and have more energy!  I'm going to keep pre-planning my workout week and tracking on my phone!"

"I just loved the Stress Less Challenge. Having a variety of options to choose from was great. I experienced an improved sense of well-being which actually motivated me to follow my Flostate personal fitness plan.  All of what Flostate offered quieted my brain. Thank you!"

"I’m very appreciative of all the positive energy and creative work that you do, and how your support comes through even though we’re not actually together in person when I’m doing my exercises."

"I have enjoyed pushing myself farther than I thought I could in the 30 for 30 New Year Challenge!"

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