3 Tips to Make Drinking Enough Water a Habit

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is good for our long-term health, skin, digestion, detoxification, appetite regulation, etc. We probably know how much water we should be drinking each day too. 64 ounces per day is the most basic guideline. One ounce per pound of body weight is another popular rule of thumb. Whether you aim to follow guideline one or two, the question is, “How is that working for you?”

You see, it is one thing to know what you should do, but it is quite another to actually do it. Staying hydrated for us - as blessed as we are with unlimited reserves of filtered water - is simple, but not easy. For those of you that already have this figured out, nice work! For the rest of us…read on.

Top 3 Tough Love Tips to Start Hydrating and Stick With It

1. Discover a favorite water bottle that holds a minimum of 24 ounces and buy three.

  • This way, you can rotate them through the dishwasher and not get caught without your water close at hand.
  • Fill up once or twice per day, based on the goal you set for yourself. (64 ounces or more)

2. Start each day by filling your water bottle with fresh filtered water (And drink it)

  • While you wait for your water to heat for tea, or your coffee to brew, fill ‘er up.
  • Keep your water with you wherever you go. You will be surprised at how often you take a quick drink if it is easy and accessible. We are inherently lazy when it comes to good habits (Sad but true). Make water the easiest beverage to choose!

3. Decide to do it

  • The worst is “I’ll try”. Do it or don’t do it. Want it or don’t want it. Decide that, this week, you will fill your water bottle, you will keep it with you, and you will drink the water that is in it. Try not to get swept away with distractions and excuses.


FYI: Your body may need to adjust

  • If you rarely drink water (secretly you know who you are) your body may need to adjust to the shock of actually getting what it needs.
  • The human body is beautifully designed to help you retain fluids when you don’t drink enough water. It does this by secreting antidiuretic hormone. This actually keeps fluids in your body and “recycles” fluids more readily. It also makes you feel “not thirsty” (which is counterintuitive). It is sort of like reusing bath water or dish water.
  • When you put water in, your body feels “safer” to release fluids as there is more coming in.  And, with fluids moving more readily, you may start feeling thirsty again. So, if you find yourself needing to use the restroom way more than expected, fear not, you will not have to pee this often forever!  🙂