Embracing the Joy of Movement

March 6, 2021

Embracing the Joy of Movement

We all know that we should exercise more and “get to the gym”, but does knowing that really motivate you to action? It’s like telling your teenager to “eat your vegetables”. Generally they do not respond enthusiastically with a “Yes please!”. Instead they will push the carrots around on their plate, take bite, drop some on the ground (oops) and ask again to be excused. In the same way, when we as adults are told we “have to exercise”, sometimes we want to dig our heels in and say “But, I don’t want to!”.  

What if we got this exercise thing all wrong? What if exercise wasn’t “exercise” but movement that we enjoyed and looked forward to each day?What if we found ways to naturally move that felt good and that made us feel good?  What would it mean to let go of the results we expect and demand from exercise?

This month, let’s reframe and rediscover the “intrinsic” joy of movement. Experience a Flostate yoga class because it helps you feel better and think better - or just because!  Share Flostate with a friend and invite them to join you for a live class so you can “flo” together. Get out for a short walk to refresh - not because you need to burn calories, but because it sounds nice. Then, notice how you feel afterwards. Do you feel calmer, more clear headed, more energized, etc?  

It’s time to reframe and reclaim the joy of movement!  Let’s do this.