How to Get Fit and Healthy in the New Year

Q&A with Alice Halvorson: How to Rock your Resolutions and Get Fit & Healthy in the New Year!

Q: How do you go about achieving New Year’s resolutions?
A: That’s the million dollar question, right?

Well, there is simply setting New Year’s resolutions and then there is actually achieving them. First off, I’d say really think about the resolution or goal you are making and ask yourself why you are doing it. Keep asking WHY until you get to the heart of it. Because you really have to care!  Don’t just do something because you saw it on TikTok or your neighbor is doing it.  Do something because you want to create meaningful change in yourself.

Aside from that, in order to achieve your goals, you need a plan or a road map to get you there and a source of accountability. Motivation and excitement will only take you so far. So, if you want to get stronger, how are you going to do that? What workouts are you going to do and when? How are you measuring if you got stronger? And who is holding you accountable? Support is huge when wanting to reach your goals - because there will be days you don’t want to do it! 

You also need patience. Don’t throw in the towel after two weeks…habits take time to form and results take time. And you are worth putting in the work for!! You can do this!

Q: How do you get fit and healthy in the New Year and beyond?

A: First, it’s a good practice to reflect on what was going on last year. What didn’t work? What did? What do you already know you need to do or change? That could provide you with direction on what you personally can do. 

Overall, the number one thing I would say is simply move more. Make it a goal to reach 7-10K steps in your day. And find a form of exercise that offers some consistency. Increasing our fitness takes time and effort. So, if last year, you found it hard to get to the gym, maybe you need to join a group class, find a workout buddy or nix the gym all together and workout at home. And you have to enjoy it - at least somewhat! Love to dance? Sign yourself up for a class! Like skiing? Go for it. Make movement fun too.

I’ll say this…success, fitness-wise, boils down to movement that challenges you, done on a consistent basis, with a source of accountability to keep it a priority.

Q: How do you get fit and healthy with high inflation and the high cost of groceries?

A: Well, our bodies can move anywhere, so take your fitness outside or in the comfort of your own home to save money on gym memberships. There are great online workout options too that won’t break the bank. Flostate is just $59/month for an unlimited membership…that is about 1/3 of the cost of big box full service gyms!

As for the food: plan, plan and plan your meals and build grocery lists around them. And then stick to it! Shop sales, and utilize frozen fruits and vegetables. Prep larger batches of food on the weekends and freeze any leftovers to it doesn’t go to waste in your fridge! Most of us probably have way too much food just sitting around (especially snack  food). Reduce the amount of food sitting around and you’ll also save $$!

Q: How do you take care of your mental health?

A: Ask yourself, “What is the most important thing for my mental health right now?”  Is it stress reduction? Connection with others? Open time? Once you can identify a bit more of what you personally need in this area, then it is time to take this area BACK for yourself.

Create sacred time for just you. Maybe this is a walk with a friend, reading a book, meditating or getting a massage. 

If your schedule is crazy, then something has GOT to go. Delegate and clear part of your schedule. Give yourself space. Stress and anxiety levels can skyrocket when we feel like we are backed into a corner.

Keep asking yourself, “What do I need right now?” Maybe it’s just a few minutes to breathe deeply. Maybe you need to vent to someone. Maybe you need a walk. Take what you need in 2023.

Consider seeking out professional help if you are concerned about your mental health.

Q: How do you eat healthier? 

A: What is “healthier”? That is a pretty general term and varies for everyone. But what this means to me, overall, is reducing the junk and processed foods and increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables - whole foods in general. Plan your meals around your protein, fruit, vegetable and a healthy grain, and you can’t go wrong. Watch the butter, mayo, oils and other fats. Although they can be healthy, they add up very, very quickly calorie-wise. A little goes a long way.

Q: If you want to lose weight in the New Year, how do you do it? What works? 

A: Increasing your exercise intensity and frequency and watching what you eat. No magic sauce here, sorry! You need to challenge your body to see changes. Lift weights as this helps burn fat off the body and gives you the look you want regardless of what the scale says. 

And watch what you eat - consistently. I don’t mean cutting out entire food groups here. Measure your food for a time period - ideally as long as you are trying to lose weight - and actually eat the serving sizes. If you are still hungry, eat more, but start there. Most of us overeat most things. Just the act of measuring and portioning will be an eye opener. Tracking apps like Myfitness Pal are great for this. Watching it can lead to less mindless eating and therefore less mindless calories that add up.

Q: What do you offer at Flostate to help people achieve their goals?

A: Flostate makes workouts easy with hundreds of online workouts you can do at home, at work or on the road. We help you drop the excuses and get back on the fitness wagon so you can finally feel better in your skin. 

We have fitness programs you can follow to provide the plan, guidance and support. From our Stress Less Program and 21 Days to Toned Arms Challenge to our 30 for 30 New Years Challenge and more…we help you achieve your goals!

Q: Why is it important to make measurable resolutions to achieve goals. 

A: Because tracking progress is  a huge motivator! How do you know how far you’ve come if you can’t keep track of it? This could be amount of weight you are lifting in the gym, miles walked, weight loss, inches lost, cups of daily vegetables, sleep improvement…the list goes on! Decide what metrics you are going to track and keep at it. This is information you can use to make adjustments along the way to your goal.

Q: Anything else you want to add? 

A: You can do this! And don’t feel like you need to do EVERYTHING all at once. That is a recipe for overwhelm and leads to quitting. Get really specific with your goal or resolution and then choose 3 things you’ll do to achieve it. Grab an accountability partner, stay consistent day by day and you’ll rock 2023!