The Power of Breath and Movement

The Power of Breath and Movement

You might say that physical movement is a bit like the Fountain of Youth.  Exercise slows down aging, improves blood flow to the skin that accelerates healing, stimulates bones to strengthen and build, increases metabolism (so you can eat more and maintain/lose weight), and improves mood, memory and even boosts creative thinking. Incredible isn’t it?   And those are just a handful of the many benefits of physical movement.

The amazing news is, effective exercise doesn’t have to be painful or intimidating, or so hard that it is unsustainable.  It can be enjoyable, comfortable, and effective.  Yay!

With Flostate, on some days you will be challenged by intensity, and other days you may be challenged by actually slowing down and allowing yourself to ‘flo’ and breathe.  This slowing down and breathing creates a sense of mindfulness and ‘flo’ that expands time and calms the body.  Technically speaking, this “state of flow” and calm helps the body transition from the sympathetic nervous system stress response of “fight-or-flight” to the parasympathetic nervous system “rest and digest”.  This shift has immeasurable physiological benefits and also positively impacts our emotional, mental and physical resiliency.

Flostate is all about Movement that Matters. We want to partner with you on your wellness journey and share our passion for movement and the amazing benefits that come along with it.  We can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Want to learn more about the nervous system stress response?
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