Three Simple Ways to do Crow Pose

Crow pose can be both inspirational and somewhat intimidating. If you didn’t grow up in tumbling or gymnastics, the idea of balancing on your forearms with your head hovering off the ground can cause some hesitation. Instead of sitting it out and watching from the sidelines, try out these three modifications.

Click here for our free 2-minute step-by-step video to walk you through it or watch the video on YouTube HERE.

  1. The Hover:
  2. Instead of going for the full balance, why not set it up and lean into it, without lifting the feet off the ground. This option will challenge your arm and shoulder muscles, increase hip flexibility and core activation - all without the worry of dropping onto your head or falling into a somersault.
  3. One-legged Hover:
  4. Take it one step further and pick ONE foot off the ground. Oof Da, that is getting tough! This is a great option to do for a few classes to build upper body strength before trying to lift both feet.
  5. Crow with the yoga block:
  6. Here is where it gets fun. Grab a few yoga blocks and place them out in front of you where you anticipate your head would touch down if you tipped forward. Use two yoga blocks to cover more ground until you have a better idea of where to place the block.. I’ve seen people place the yoga block too close and end up missing the block, and somersaulting forward due to the miss!
  7. Now when you pick both feet off the ground and transfer the weight to your arms, if you lose balance and begin to tip forward, you can gently set you head down on the yoga block. Easy breezy.

And just like that- you are doing a crow pose. Click here to try a yoga restore class with crow pose. Bring these tips and tricks along with you and let’s do this!

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