Which Foam Roller is Best for Me?

When it comes to foam rollers, there are lots of choices to pick from. When choosing you must consider size, diameter, length, density, color and brand. In this article we break these options down to help you to select the best foam roller for you.  

Online you will find dozens of foam roller shapes and sizes. The most common and “original” size is the 9” diameter and 36” length. This allows you to lay length-wise on the foam roller for some unique core strengthening and posture enhancing movements.  Anything shorter will not work.  We recommend this 9”/36” foam roller as our top pick for Flostate classes.

Not all rollers are the same density or firmness. To the body, this means that some foam rollers will feel very hard and others softer.  

Softer rollers:
Softer foam rollers are much more comfortable to use and allow a person to relax more while using it. This is because myofascial release of hardened or “locked” tissues can cause some discomfort. A softer foam roller will not press as deeply into the muscle/tissues and will be a more gentle solution. It can prepare tissues for a firmer foam roller as your body starts to unwind.

Firmer rollers:
Firmer rollers will help you “get right to it”.  You may be more uncomfortable at first using a firm roller versus a softer option, but you will eventually adjust.  The trick is to use the foam roller on a frequent basis- weekly for example.  Your body will begin to unwind, and as it does, the pressure will become more comfortable.  This is a sign that your fascia is responding and “unlocking” or improving.

Just kidding- you can figure that out yourselves. Although there are not a ton of options here.  On our website we have two options- color coded according to density

So which foam roller is right for you?  

Here is one way to decide.  Do you prefer deep tissue massage?  Or would you rather have a gentle soft to medium pressure massage? If you are a soft to medium massage pressure person - we recommend the pink OPTP foam roller.  If you are the deep tissue massage sort of person - we recommend the black Power Systems foam roller.  Both rollers are available via our theflostate.com web site under “shop”.  Still not sure?  Just buy them both. :-)